Summer’s Here: Read to Your Kids

Like most parents, there are some things I regret doing or not doing as a mother, but there is one thing I do not regret. I read to my kids, all three, individually, until the homework load of middle school ate up our precious reading time.

Summer is here. If you have not begun the tradition of reading to your kids, it’s a great time to start. There’s no homework to get in the way. Daylight lasts long after dinnertime so you can enjoy reading out on a blanket on the lawn, cuddled on a porch swing, or circled round the fire pit on a camping trip.

Sharing a book together, rooting for a character, and adventuring through new worlds and situations is a great way to build intimacy. Speculating about what will happen next and sharing the relief of a trial survived opens windows for bigger discussions, for what if’s or questions about how we might respond or feel in a character’s situation.

Reading together is fun. I can remember laughing until tears ran down my face over a book my husband selected for us to enjoy, and crying with my daughter at that bittersweet moment a character sets out from home embarked on a new life. Books read together build memories and a shared language that is your family’s very own.

Try it. I guarantee the rewards are well worth the time spent.