Pen Pals and Reading Buddies

I have decided starting a blog is like starting a pen pal friendship. You begin by explaining to each other who you are, and as your individual identities become established, you begin to write about ideas and events in your lives and the common interests you share.

So, who is this crazy egomaniac (please read the June 7th post if you are tempted to take that seriously) who is trying to reach out to readers, writers, parents, teachers, and anyone else who loves reading or writing?

I have been, and oftentimes still am a child, daughter, student, preschool teacher, writer, wife, mom, librarian, and middle and high school English/Language Arts teacher. And through it all, I have always been a reader.

Books were the first things I ever chose to collect. They have been my friends, guides, encouragers, windows to other worlds, and companions in scary or lonely times. I love books–the look of them, the feel of them, their typefaces, cover illustrations, page and line art. And I love the materials that go into making them—pencils, pens, paper—so many wonderful kinds!—computers, word processing software, fonts, dictionaries, reference books, 3×5 index cards, notebooks, and any piece of paper on which I can scribble a new idea.

What do I read? I am a fantasy loving Christian. I particularly love fantasy for children and young adults. Other favorite genres include historical fiction and mysteries.

As you may have noticed, I specified children’s and young adult’s fiction as my fantasy favorite. Why? I grew up loving fairy tales, and eventually found C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Lloyd Alexander. I now not only read children’s and young adult fantasy, I write it. I have retold folktales for Cricket magazine, and have written a young adult novel and am finishing up a second.

So what are your reading and writing interests? Who are your favorite authors? I hope this will be a place you can come to and share.